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K & R offer full accountancy services and solutions, from Source Documents right through to Year End Statutory Accounts. Alternatively clients can select individual products that suit their own needs including:

  • Management Accounts

    The production of Accounts on a yearly basis is quite often not enough for many businesses as they look to view the company’s financial position/performance on a more regular basis whether that is monthly, quarterly or half yearly, this can help with everything from planning for growth to tax planning. K & R Accountants help companies achieve their objectives by the production of accurate and up to date information, the information can be tailored the company’s individual needs via consultation.

  • Year End/ Statutory Accounts

    K & R Accountants have the necessary skills experience and expertise to ensure your Financial Reporting is compliant with various Accounting Standards whether using FRS, FRSSE or IFRS K&R help you prepare your accounts efficiently and effectively.

  • Bookkeeping

    Our Accountants have extensive knowledge in bookkeeping from both a Large Corporate and Accountancy Practice background. We can offer on-site services whereby we can visit your premises or we can carry out the work at our offices.

  • Cash Flow Forecasting

    Cash is a key part of any business and is quite often one of the biggest stumbling blocks for any business whether they are small or large. K&R Accountants can help create the Cash Flow to drive your business on and ensure you know where you are, our team has proven experience in the creation of Cash Flows both for the corporate sector and small traders or start ups.